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Who: Dancers ages 11-19 years of age – 6th Grade and up
Why: Provide candidates with the skills and opportunities to make them compassionate, responsible, confident, and strong leaders.
What: Raising the Barre students shall complete service and session hours as assigned by a Faculty Mentor who will help them schedule their commitments and guide them through their projects.

Required Pillars of Character and Service





Eligibility Requirements:

  • GPA – 3.0 or above
  • Regular Dance Class Attendance
  • Positive attitude in class including compliance with dress code

Parent Volunteers/Involvement:

  • Business Sponsorships
  • Volunteering at Community Service Events

2020-2021 Raising The Barre members:

President: Aysha Chin

Vice President: Arianna Lester

Secretary: TyghnanBrey Byrnes

Student Advisor: Ella Rodrigues

Other members:

Kailin Wharton, Lily Resendes, Madison Stewart, Allison Boda, Katie Phillips, Gabriella Torna, Nyla Clark, Sydney Szydlik, Jaylese Wright, Jocelyn Ortiz, Ava Farquharson, Nya Hill, Jazelyna Miranda

Projects we have conducted so far this year:  The Backpack Project for the homeless. CMDA Halloween Party, Toys for Tots, Holiday Bake Sale , The Canal District’s Holiday Stroll.