Saturday 945am Lil Hip Hoppers Tuesday 415pm Lil Hip Hoppers
Saturday 115pm Twinkle Babies Tuesday 415pm, Friday 10am, Sun 945am Twinkle Babies
Saturday 1130am Twinkle Stars Friday 430pm, Tuesday 5pm Twinkle Stars
Saturday 815am Twinkle Babies  Saturday 1045am or Sunday 9am Twinkle Babies
Saturday 845am Twinkle Stars Thursday 430pm, Tuesday 5pm, Sunday 1030am
Saturday 1045am Twinkle Babies ( pink leo ) Saturday 815am, Sunday 9am Twinkle Babies
Saturday 1045am Twinkle Babies ( lavender ) Tuesday 415pm, Saturday 115pm , Sunday 945am Twinkle Babies
Saturday 1145am Shining Stars Thursday 530pm Shining Stars
Saturday Acro 2 1045am Tuesday 5pm Acro 1
Saturday Acro 3 1045am Saturday Acro 4 1145am
Sunday 9am Twinkle Babies Saturday 815am or 1045am Twinkle Babies
Sunday 945am Twinkle Babies Tuesday 415pm, Saturday 115pm Twinkle Babies
Sunday 1030am Twinkle Stars Saturday 845am or Thursday 430pm
 Friday 10am Twinkle Babies  Saturday 115pm, Sunday 945am, Tuesday 415pm
( Holden) Monday 9am and 945am Twinkle Babies  Saturday 945am Twinkle Babies ( Holden )


·        All other classes should makeup a class in the same level (or lower) than their regular class. *Ask your teacher for recommendations.